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Mr. Rolly Mangante

It doesn’t take a miracle to make dreams come true. It takes a

clearly detailed written vision

to begin with.


However, a vision with a plan,

will become reality. 

founder & chairman

The Taste of Manila is a yearly festival held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada,

it takes place every August at Bathurst Street at the corner of Wilson Avenue

attracting more than 400,000 + visitors from across North America.

It is the ONLY Filipino street festival in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and aptly located in North York, home of the largest area of concentration for Filipinos in Canada, dubbed as “Little Manila”. Since its inception last 2014, TOM features classic Filipino cuisine, entertainment from top celebrities, fashions, music, dance, and more…

Flavorful Filipino cuisine is showcased during 3 days of tastings in this massive annual street festival, plus entertainment & activities for the nearly 400,000+ visitors to Toronto's "Little Manilla."

The Taste of Manila crowd is estimated to go up every year and has successfully reached and managed the population as it gets closer to a quarter of the 2 Million fans who attended and witnessed the Toronto Raptors Championship Parade last June 17, 2019 at downtown Toronto.

The TOM Festival is by far phenomenal as such, and a milestone to reckon with, for the filipino community considering the stretch of 1.1 kms. where the festival is held.

Our Mission

Firstly, we thank GOD’s blessing, protection, and guidance. Secondly, the Supporters; Toronto Police, Canada’s Food Health Inspectors, Waste Management, Video Production,  Taste of Manila’s organizers, and all participants.

The Taste of Manila Festival hurdles every challenges there is putting up this organization, persistent and determined, they made it possible. As proud filipinos, we are happy to bond with other nationalities in achieving this Chronicle event in the history of North York, Ontario, where Bathurst Street and Wilson Avenue meet…

The History of Taste of Manila : The Documentary



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